Continuation War Exhibition 1941–1944 – Suomussalmi

Welcome to explore weapons, different types if shrapnel, grenades, spirits bottles and many other items from the times of Continuation War between Finland and The Soviet Union.

Note that all weapons and shots are deactivated, so they are safe to handle!

You can fiddle with Suomi sub-machine gun or express Emma or hold a machine gun Maxim.

On display you can also find weaponry and materials of German army, as Finland and Germany were allies in 1941–1944.

In addition to weaponry, one can also see other kind of material in the exhibition. For example propaganda posters, letters and post cards from the front, cutlery, literature and helmets and so on give a sight to the history.

Even though this war exhibition has only crumbs of the history on display, the exhibition aims at increasing awareness of the shocking cruelty that war brings along.