Welcome to Raate Road!


Raate Road is a legend. The events on this fairly short, narrow and ruthless road are well known in Finland, as well as the importance of these events for the Finnish independence during the cold winter in the years 1939–1940.

The Winter War in 1939–1940 lasted for 105 days, after which there was finally the peace everyone had hoped for. But the peace came only with hard terms.

Everything changed again in 1941 as Finland was drawn into war with The Soviet Union. The small Finland received help from Germany in form of soldiers and material.

In the year 1944 new peace was agreed, but the peace terms were again very hard. Nevertheless, Finland fulfilled the terms, sent the Germans away, paid every last penny of the reparations to The Soviet Union and kept the independence.


The Raate Road is situated in the backwoods of Suomussalmi, and the road ends in a village called Raate. In this small and beautiful village is located a former Border Guards called “Raatteen vartio “, The Guard of Raate with the Russian border just a stone’s throw away. Surrounding is vast wilderness with a silence that is almost tangible.

During summer 2018 one can find extended Continuation War exhibition in the premises of the former Border Guards. There is plenty of new material on display and the layout has gone through an extensive makeover. The weapons and other objects on display are mainly originals from the Finnish wars. There is only a small piece of history of the mankind on display, but hopefully it can remind us all about the brutality and stupidity of what war can be at its worst.


We welcome you all to the former Border Guards of Raate!